Unique remote, multiple remote and controlling your fan with a wall switch

March 20, 2020

First, remember that your exhale fan is provided with a wireless remote that is already paired with the motor.


You can control your exhale fan in several ways:

Several fans with a single remote

If you have a large room (over a 100 cubic meters), you will probably have 2 Exhale bladeless ceiling fans or more.
Be aware that it is possible to pair a single remote to more than 1 fan. Up to 8 fans with a single remote
Theoratically you could pair more than 8 fans to a single remote, but realistically the limit will be the range of the remote (up to 15 meters)
By pairing (follow the user manual instructions (page 8) on how to pair a remote) with each of the fans, you can active them all with one click on your remote.


2 remotes controlling a single fan

If you have a mezzanine, be aware that it is possible to ask us to have a second remote provided (we will chage 30€ for the additional programmed/paired remote) with your fan.
The 2 different remotes will be able to control one single fan.
This would enable you to have one remote on the ground floor and one on the first floor/mezzanine.


Control your exhale fan with a wall switch

Control your exhale fan with a wall switch.
It is possible to control your exhale fan with a switch.
First of all make sure, your wall switch controls the power supply to the fans.
Then adjust once all the paramteres (for example : light On, speed 3 on 6).
Then, turn the fan Off with the wall switch
Thanks to the fan internal memory, when you press on the wall switch again, the fan will start again with the preset parameters (light on and speed 3 on 6).
You can now safely store the remote, until you need to change the parameters (you could have a summer setting (light Off, speed 6) and a winter setting (light on, speed 3).

Find out more about the wall switch in our dedicated blog article here: www.exhale-fans.com/en/control-your-exhale-fan-with-a-switch/